Biomedical Research Consultants are pleased to offer the following specialist training courses,

many of which can be tailor made to your institution:


n       Provide a range of Training Courses, including Biosafety, Experimental Procedures and Specialist Equipment Training for Veterinarians,

      Biomedical Researchers and Technicians


  n        Providing Specific Training and Certification Courses for GLP / GMP and AAALAC Accreditation



   n        Providing essential training for researchers, laboratory animal veterinarians and animal technicians in the following areas:


  n        Anaesthesia and Surgery Training


  n        Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees / Regulatory Compliance Training


  n        Biosafety Training


  n        Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), AAALAC Training / Certification


 n        Technician Training Ė IAT / AALAS


  n        Specialist Equipment Training (BSCís, Isolators / Glove boxes, VHP etc.)