Consulting Service Ė Scope of Works


Stage1 - Concept development


         Workshop with senior management, architects and engineers to determine facility function, equipment and future requirements

         Development of risk assessment, work flow analysis and preliminary design                        

         Site assessment and location issues

         Site planning

         Working with users to assess needs

         Integration and shared facilities

         Assessing areas of research and utility spaces, with particular emphasis on sharing expensive equipment items

         Options for animal housing systems including individually vented cage systems and contained change stations. Potential for robotics in animal support areas

         Ensuring the appropriate content, location and area allowances for plant and support equipment

         Assessing the needs and management of major items such as autoclaves

         Waste management strategies


Stage 2 - Design assistance


         Achieving safe layouts that support best practices in laboratories animal facilities and containment laboratories (BSL2-4)

         Developing layouts of laboratories and containment facilities for the best functional solution and considerations of future-proofing

         Design of support areas such as glass washing, media preparation and animal cage handling

         Ergonomic and personal movement issues

         Allocations of spaces for personal protective equipment and clothing

         Review of all documentation prior to tender and recommendations to ensure design meets national and international requirements

      and regulations


Stage 3 - Construction stage support


         Training for contractors on construction requirements and quality of workmanship

         Briefing contractors working in specialist laboratory areas

         Construction supervision and inspection (at various stages throughout construction                     

         Periodic inspections to confirm construction is meeting required standards


Stage 4 - Commissioning and handover


         Development of testing and commissioning criteria and inspection

         Final inspection to confirm installation meets requirements

         Witness testing of key performance goals such as pressure testing, leakage, HEPA filter performance criteria, autoclave performance

         Written report identifying areas of compliance and non-compliance

         Review detail issues such as laboratory layout and equipment location, fabrication etc.

         Development of SOPís, documentation, manuals and training