Biomedical Research Consultants (BRC) is a wide ranging professional company made up of

expert individuals from Europe, USA and Asia, specialising in the following consultancy services:


Consulting on the Design and Build of Research Laboratories and Laboratory Animal Facilities

(inclusive of Animal and non-Animal Biosafety Laboratories) and Manufacturing Facilities.



Providing wide-ranging Consulting Services for GLP / GMP and AAALAC facilities or facilities aiming

for this accreditation, including:


  • Process Development
  • Problem Solving
  • Facility Design
  • Review / Overview of Engineering / Construction
  • Documentation and Training (inclusive of AAALAC, GLP / GMP and Biosafety Training)
  • Inspection and Certification
  • Independent Review and Consultation
  • Assisting with Equipment and Material Tender, Review and Selection

BRC supply a number of laboratory consumables and specific equipment for decontamination and validation of laboratories, please contact us for more information.

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Email: info@biomedicalresearchconsultants.com

Email: info@biomedicalresearchconsultants.com